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Asian carp are hardy, lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at a time and spread into new habitat quickly and easily. Their main job was to remove algae from catfish farms and ponds.

Because of their filter-feeding habits, they are difficult to capture by normal angling methods. The three main species of Asian carp introduced were bighead carp hypophthalmichthys nobilissilver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrixand grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella.

They are also considered using giant fishing nets to try and capture as many of the Asian carp but the downfall with that idea is that some carp can jump and avoid being caught.

What is an Essay? Sources say if a carp jumps out of the water and hit someone going at a steady pace; it will feel like a bowling ball hitting them.

Synthesis… How Many Pages is Words? The goal of the barrier is to turn fish away by causing DC currents into the water.

Also, there were reports from Chicago that many birds have contracted toxins from the Asian carp, that study has not been confirmed but scientists are blaming the toxins the birds are ingesting are from the carp.

Fish and Wildlife Service convened stakeholders to develop a national plan for the management and control of invasive Asian carp referring to bighead, silver, black, and grass carp. Goss was previously executive director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation a state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federationdirector of the Indiana Department of Natural Resourcesand vice-chairman of the Great Lakes Commission.

The Great Lakes would offer an abundant supply of food to the bighead carp because they would eat all the zooplankton and the silver carp would eat all of the phytoplankton. Restaurants along the West Lake of the city keep the fish in cages submerged in the lake water right in front of the restaurant; on an order from a customer, they dash a live fish on the pavement to kill it before cooking.

If the Asian carp take over the lakes, businesses will suffer by not having fresh lake perch and walleye. Some carp are massive in size with them ranging up to pounds and lengths up to four to six feet. However, many people in North America do not distinguish the various Asian carp species and see them all as undesirable food fish due to their perceived bottom-feeding behavior, while, in fact, only some species are bottom-feeders, and even the bottom-feeding species such as the common carpa highly bony species which was introduced to North America from Eurasia in the s, are important food fish outside North America.

Bighead carp do not normally jump when frightened. In South Floridathe local water management district actually stocks the canals with sterilized grass carp to control the hydrilla plant, which tends to block the locks and drainage valves used to control water flow from the Everglades.

Of the Asian carp introduced to the United States, only two crucian and black carp are not known to be firmly established.

Native species of fish have become extinct due to overfishing and invasive species entering the lakes. What is being done? The essay must include a body of content, as well as, short conclusion. However, new research was unable to redetect the presence of Asian carp, although several have been caught in Minnesota over the past two years.

This Dragon Gate was said to have been created after the flood by the god-emperor Yu, who split a mountain blocking the path of the Yellow River. Introduced in the southeast to help control weeds and parasites in aquaculture operations, these fish soon spread up the Mississippi River system where they have been crowding out native fish populations not used to competing with such aggressive invaders.

The Asian carp can survive the arctic weather all the way in Canada and can survive when the lakes are frozen over by slowing the body metabolism down. They are thought often to have detrimental effects on native species.


Fish in Chinese mythology A long tradition of Asian carp exists in Chinese culture and literature. Common carp are abundant throughout the Great Lakes.Asian Carp Essay THE ASIAN CARP There has been a growing concern recently in the state of Michigan and several other states over a species of fish known as the Asian carp.

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard something on the news. Essay on Asian Carp: The Invaders - InAsian carp were brought over as a delicacy. Asian carp are originally from Asia (Barbara A.

Somervill 13). They were imported by catfish farmers in for federal research on controlling aquatic vegetation. Inthe first.

Asian Carp

Invasion USA: Asian Carp Invaders Have Taken the Mississippi, Are the Great Lakes Next? Introduced to control weeds and parasites in aquaculture, Asian carp have been crowding out native fish.

The Effects of Asian Carp to the Great Lakes Essay

Current Asian carp research at MAISRC primarily focuses on preventing their introduction using enhanced bubble curtains and modifications to locks and dams.

Published papers. Asian carp expert says the invaders can be beaten Asian carp in Minnesota? If you net one, yes. “Asian Carp and the Effect on the Great Lakes” Statement of the Issue Asian carp are a threat to the Great Lakes if they invade them - The Effects of Asian Carp to the Great Lakes Essay introduction.

Invasion USA: Asian Carp Invaders Have Taken the Mississippi, Are the Great Lakes Next?

They could destroy the Great Lakes ecosystem by overpopulating the lakes and disrupting the food chain. Considerable effort has been made to protect the basin from future invasions, but the threat of Asian carp and other future invaders remains.

Ecological separation of the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River basin is a critical step to defend our Great Lakes.

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Asian carp the invaders essay
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