Does life exist on other planets essay

Unfortunately they both came back negative for signs of life, they did however come back with data which after some scientific analysis concluded that mars was once warm and wet, perfect conditions for growing bacteria or larger forms of life.

But gravity depends on the size and density of the body. I have given my best logical argument, and I am optimistic that I have at least given believers some doubt, that other types of life forms exist out there other than our planet Earth, that what they once believed in may not be correct.

I understand that there are some out there that do have the same religious belief as myself and still believe that there is life beyond Earth.

But until then we must wait for that day to come, or we might not be the ones that will discover extraterrestrial life first, we might just be the ones that will be discovered! To detect them we would have to have a telescope meters in diameter in space but we cannot launch something like that Dalton and Lambie 2.

Extraterrestrial life

Conditions have to be just perfect to develop life. She explains that this is twenty-four trillion Does life exist on other planets essay.

Most people, myself included, like having a qualified professional to give their expert opinion, because it gives comfort when looking for answers to which were searching. What if any life form can exist without any trace of existence?

But obviously there are still oxygen and methane molecules in our atmosphere, which means there is something to replenish the atmosphere of these molecules, that being trees and animals. Life is not all that mysterious, it is a property of a collection of extremely complex molecules Britt 1.

The most notable detection relates to a planet circling the star Epsilon Eridani, just Also in a more recent launch was organized, this time to see if we could find some subsurface water, if this is so, then scientist might be able to analyse it for microscopic aqua plants or animals or some bacteria.

How is this known? Out of the 34 missions to Mars 16 have failed, the first ever was in by the soviet Mars 3 Mission. We know a lot of details, and have a pretty good idea of how life got from algae to cat to man, but how we ended up with algae is the big question here.

Such subsurface oceans could possibly harbor life. Nevertheless, I am still standing on my principle, that I just do not see how life can exist out there, regardless how many galaxies there may be.

God is mighty and no doubt God could control all other living beginnings, not just here on Earth, but the entire universe. What are we looking for One of the main things that life needs to survive is water, it is accepted among scientists that water is what fuels life and evolution.

Important insights on the limits of microbial life can be gleaned from studies of microbes on modern Earth, as well as their ubiquity and ancestral characteristics.

All of these planets were detected indirectly, in most cases using a radial velocity technique that analyzes subtle variations in the light coming from distant stars Boyle 1. I will make every effort to persuade you, the believer that life does not exist on any other planet but Earth.

For example, on Earth more than meteorites of martian origin have been found.

Why not anywhere else he created life? We should still be able to detect all stirring from chemical residues. This finding suggests that complex organic molecules may form in stellar systems prior to the formation of planets, eventually arriving on young planets early in their formation.

Life On Other Planets

I understand that by broadcasting that statement it might drift us off into a totally different controversial issue. So basically, she stating it would take several thousands of years for any type of alien space craft to reach us, given that their technology is close to ours.

However, some say what was really found were remains from an experimental surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named Mogu.

The list of planets beyond our solar system is growing by leaps and bounds, and scientists are developing new methods to expand their reach toward these other worlds. One would think that some sort of evidence would have been found by now, but yet, still nothing has been found.

However the most likely places for life to exist are on planets and asteroids as they may offer resources and protection. I realize that scientist have made tremendous discoveries over time, however, realistic evidence of proving life existence other than here on Earth has not been one of those discoveries.

God is mighty and no doubt God could control all other living beginnings, not just here on Earth, but the entire universe.

Scientist are also looking on the one place that no one would have expected for people to look for, Earth.but most importantly, does life exist on other planets I will be investigating this question using resources such as the Internet, books, documentaries and other valid resources available.

Could life exist on other planets?

Does life exist other than here? I believe the chance of extraterrestrial life existing in this universe is significantly high due to scientific research and physical and. Does life exist on other planets besides Earth? Has extraterrestrial life visited Earth recently or in our distant past?

Does life exist on other planets

The notion of extraterrestrial life is a very intriguing subject possibly for as long as mankind has looked into the vast heavens gazing at the stars. The Kepler spacecraft has found planet pairs on very similar orbits, and if such a planet pairing occurred in the right place, then both planets could sustain life and even help each other along.

Can Life Exist on Other Planets? BY DANNY FAULKNER, PH.D. * | THURSDAY, OCTOBER 01, In this view, biological evolution refers to the gradual development of the diversity of living things from a common ancestor, while the ultimate origin of life is a separate question.

Assuming that alien life forms do require similar conditions to humans to exist and sustain life on a planet there is no chance that they would be able to live on any of the planets within the Milky Way Galaxy.

Does life exist on other planets essay
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