Nature of managerial authority

Edited by Anthony Quinton. In order to understand the nature of delegation of authority, the same could be considered from two perspectives: This is why competence at all levels of the corporate hierarchy is important.

Why Is the Hierarchy of Authority Important in an Organization?

Management is goal oriented: Power, Maclver says, is an ability to command service from others. Responsibility flows from bottom to top. It flows from bottom to top.

Management is an Nature of managerial authority process as past decisions always carry their impact for the future course of action.

Delegation of Authority - Meaning, Importance and its Principles

Power and duty are also clearly stated Rational-legal authority is the explicit form of a right to give orders and to have been obeyed. Miliband concludes that there is every reason to believe that the giant enterprise or corporatism will accumulate more and more power and importance in the coming years and there is no agency in advanced capitalist country to halt its growth.

Following are some popular definitions of delegation of authority: The government cannot whimsically interfere with the freedom of citizens. For example, de Gaulle of France, Margaret Thatcher of Britain had exceptional qualities to influence people. Harmony and unity were stressed as key to power as well as to progress.

Being accountable means being innovative as the person will think beyond his scope of job. Without going into an exposition of this principle, it would suffice to say that delegation of authority must take place via the scalar chain or the management hierarchy i.

In explaining authority we have seen that the holder of authority is empowered to do something or claim something. Thus, power means the capacity to make decisions binding and ability to discharge responsibilities and perform certain functions.

In other words, authority has full freedom to demand something. Here the term right is used in the sense of freedom. When right is used in this sense we call it right of recipience. In other words, authority has full freedom to demand something. Authority should be accompanied with an equal amount of responsibility.

This refers to the top one or two hierarchical levels in the organization structure. Concept of Delegation of Authority: The multinational corporations have intensified their functions in numerous forms in various developing countries of the Third World.

Principles of Delegation of Authority: According to these persons the capitalist system is so structured that the conflicts do not create any impasse. Charisma is a special quality or gift of God. These management functions are common to all the managers irrespective of the business activity managed by them — for example, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, finance, human resources management, and so on, or their level in organizational.

But in the seventies of the last century the feeling traversed along a different path. Legal-rational authority can be called a type of limited form of government.

No organisation, whatever may its nature be, can do its duty or achieve objectives without power. The outline of executive, managerial and supervisory positions within the company can help employees to determine their career goals and what kind of move up the corporate ladder they would like to take.

Power and Authority: Definition, Nature and Theory

In any pluralist society there are numerous groups and they all compete among themselves at various levels to capture political power or to influence the agencies who exercise their influence. The observance of this principle for effective delegation is necessary; because the most immediate superior, is perhaps, in the best position to understand the competence of his most immediate subordinate; the results expected of him and the problems and difficulties likely to be faced by the latter.

A man may be invested with authority of an office in accordance with law or formal rules. The organisation of the corporate body created a power centre in society. The son or daughter of a ruler becomes ruler. Though Deutsch defines the concept in the background of international politics, its relevance to national politics is, however, undeniable.Delegation of Authority means entrusting someone else to do parts of your job.

Delegation of authority is defined as subdivision and sub-allocation of powers to the subordinates in order to achieve effective results. The core idea of the legal-rational authority is the holder of the authority has the right to issue orders or to take decisions and also the authority (sanctioned by law) to implement them.

When the authority is challenged by rebellion or recalcitrant elements the authority has the power/ability to take legal action. Jun 20,  · System of authority: Authority is power to get the work done by others and compel them to work systematically.

Management is creative and also dynamic in nature. 24 June at Manas Blaze said Carrying out managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. 2) Management applies to any.

Power and Authority: Definition, Nature and Theory

Authority in project management is the power that gives a project manager the ability to act in the name of the project sponsor executive or on behalf of the organization. [1] There are several different types of authority that project managers can leverage: [2].

Management and nature of management. Published on February 13, Delegation of authority and creation of responsibility. Managerial (functions of. Line authority provides authority to decide and direct and it acts as a control means for the flow of communication through a scalar chain of authority.

Line officials are in the chain of command from the highest executives to the lowest position in the organisation.

Nature of managerial authority
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